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Your server data is compressed, then encrypted using a unique military-grade 256-bit AES encryption key. The data is transmitted over a secure SSL connection. This is the same level of security used for online banking. The security does not end here. The data is stored in its encrypted form, in a secure data center facility. This data is then replicated to a redundant data center facility.

Our backup solution is completely automated. You can "set-it-and-forget-it". The backup process also uses patented technology to send the same file only once (de-duplication) and only changes to the file system are backed up. This reduces bandwidth by up to 85% and it also reduces the backup window. An optional onsite appliance is available to provide LAN speed backup and recovery of your data. This is a complete replacement for tape-backup type of solutions. You no longer have to waste time, money and resources backing up to tapes.

A central secure web based interface is available to manage all your PC, MAC or server backup and restore operations. Backup Silo staff is also available to help you with your setup and day-to-day backup or recovery management.

Our backup solution is used by Banks, Fortune 500 companies, Medical Offices and Legal Professionals. Businesses of all sizes depend on this solution to backup their most valuable data. Your data is protected against natural disasters, man-made disasters, floods, fires, disgruntled employees, and other threats. You can reliably restore your data at any time even down to the individual file level.

Worried about meeting SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, SEC/NASD, IRS, ISO 9001 or other regulatory compliance requirements for your data backup and recovery needs? Worry no more. Our solution meets all these compliance requirements. We offer data retention periods up to 7 years for normal backups and indefinte for archiving.


Mobile Workforce

Backup your Laptops and Desktops automatically everyday
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Protect the valuable data on your servers, including databases and system-state with continuous backup.
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Archiving & Compliance

Archive your inactive data to meet regulatory compliance requirements or to make your data available for auditors.
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LDD & Encryption

Encrypt the data on your PC’s hard drive. Make it inaccessible to unauthorized people.
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BackupSilo's best-of-breed Online Backup Services such as our PC Backup Solution, Mac Online Backup, Server Backup and Data Archiving ensure that your backups are offsite and safe. We offer offsite backup in Toronto and globally.

Orange Quotes 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups; of those that do, 77% find tape back-up failures." - Boston Computing 2005

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