Every Endpoint is Under Threat

The network perimeter is gone. Backing up user devices is a daunting task because mission-critical data is stored everywhere: on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Make each one part of your customers’ disaster recovery plan with Backup Silo’s endpoint protection powered by Datacastle.

Managing the proliferations of multiple devices adds complexity to data backup and recovery efforts. At BackupSilo, we provide a solution that encompasses all endpoints as part of our complete and secure backup and recovery process.

Secure Cloud Backup for Every Device

BackupSilo offers comprehensive endpoint data protection services powered by Datacastle through our hybrid cloud. Backed by our world-class, Tier 3 data centres, our secure cloud backup and data recovery service makes sure every endpoint in your organization is included in your disaster recovery plan. If data residency is a requirement, we have you covered there as well, since all data from all devices remains in Canada. Customers gain the following advantages by leveraging BackupSilo’s endpoint data protection service:

Deployment Flexibility

We can quickly create new customer accounts, provision services, and manage billing and invoicing for whatever cloud backup solution you require.

Mitigate Data Loss/Breach

Patented enterprise-grade endpoint backup and security for the mobile workforce.

Maximize Network and Performance

Intelligent global usage of bandwidth for optimized end-user experiences.

Datacastle’s patented global deduplication using encrypted data provides the ultimate in security, decreases storage requirements, and improves system performance. Through the Data DNA process, a map is created for each file/version and is unique to the device with its own encryption key. The system checks to see if Data DNA block is already in the vault for upload, and unique encrypted blocks are backed up in the next scheduled online upload.

Some of the major benefits include:

  • High performance as all processing is moved to the edge devices.
  • Storage efficiency as global client-side deduplication only moves unique data to the vault.
  • Security and privacy as all data, including metadata, is AES 256-bit encrypted using the same process, so there are no single-key vulnerability issues.

BackupSilo’s endpoint data protection services not only provide laptop and desktop backups, but thanks to Datacastle RED mobile technology, we can protect both Apple iOS and Android devices as well. This means all business data, from all users will be including in your backup and disaster recovery plans.