Make Data Backup Someone Else’s Business…. Yours!

Yes, today’s business is data driven and an online backup and data recovery strategy is essential. But businesses don’t need to manage the cloud backup process themselves. Make it your business instead. Give your customers peace of mind with BackupSilo’s robust and secure managed backup service powered by Veeam Cloud Connect.


Finding a trusted partner to reliably manage backup services lets organizations focus on strategic IT initiatives that increase revenues and better support customers. At the same time, you can need to be assured that when it comes to your data, the business will continue to run smoothly. That’s where BackupSilo comes in.

Streamlined Managed Backup

As a premium Veeam partner and reseller, BackupSilo provides a full range of managed backup services with Veeam Cloud Connect. Backed by our world-class Tier 3 data centers in Canada, we manage our customers’ secure cloud backup needs and help meet the requirements of their disaster recovery plans.

With BackupSilo’s Managed Backup services, we continually monitor and manage your backup infrastructure remotely, and also send your backups to our hosted repository.

Managed Peace of Mind

BackupSilo gives you as much or as little control as you want. We take on the day-to-day operations to meet your secure cloud backup and disaster recovery plan requirements, while providing complete transparency so you can be confident your mission-critical applications and data are backed up safely. For those who need Canadian data residency, we have you covered there as well.

Through our use of Veeam Cloud Connect, we offer significant benefits for customers using our Managed Backup services:

Simplified Onboarding

We can quickly create new customer accounts, provision services, and manage billing and invoicing for whatever cloud backup you require.

Remote Monitoring and Management

We take on the daily monitoring and management tasks of online backup jobs, which are handled securely through a single port over SSL/TLS. And, customers do not require a VPN.

Full Visibility

BackupSilo gives you full visibility and insight through a user-friendly customer portal. You can set up users and locations yourself, monitor backup health, review cloud repository consumption and easily manage your monthly billing statements.