Build an Industry-Tailored Backup Business with BackupSilo

Different industries have different pressures driving their data protection needs. BackupSilo's complete ecosystem of cloud-based backup and data replication solutions give you a toolkit to deliver secure, customised data backup and disaster recovery for a variety of vertical markets.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Healthcare organizations typically face budget constraints that limit their IT resources. By partnering with BackupSilo, remedy the situation with cloud-based backup and data recovery services that comply with their regulatory realities.

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Go Public

All levels of government and other public-sector organizations have a diverse set of stakeholders that generate sensitive data residing across multiple locations and systems.

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Keep It Legal

Our secure cloud backup and data recovery services helps you give legal professionals and firms the peace of mind that the encryption and retention of their clients’ data is meets the highest legal standard with secure cloud backup and DR services encompasses all sources of sensitive information.

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Bottom Line-Friendly Backup

BackupSilo’s secure cloud backup and data recovery services address compliance with federal, provincial and even international laws and regional regulatory frameworks, which are key considerations for financial services companies.

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Backup On A Budget

Not-for-profit organizations rarely have sufficient IT resources but often require enterprise-class data backup and recovery services. Ease their burden affordably with BackupSilo.

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Big Backup For Small Companies

Small-and-medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) can rarely justify the resources to manage their own data backup and recovery.

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Whether it’s e-discovery and litigation support services for large legal firms, automated backups for Point-of-Sale servers, or archiving information for international property management companies, BackupSilo’s complete ecosystem of secure cloud backup and data recovery services helps you build a backup business for customers across all industries.