Deliver Maximum Availability with the Best of Both Worlds

Your customers need the quick scalability and elasticity on-demand of the public cloud, and the performance, control and security of their own private cloud. Give them maximum redundancy by replicating their data with BackupSilo’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that integrates leading technologies and an enterprise-class backbone.

Public cloud services can give you quick scalability and elasticity on-demand, while a private cloud gives you the performance, control and security you want. Some organizations require elements of both, particularly when looking to replicate data for redundancy and availability as part of a secure cloud backup and disaster recovery plan. An IaaS model with the help of an experienced technology partner allows for the integration of different technologies and configurations to support complete cloud replication with minimal investment in hardware and software, or ongoing expenditures for operations and maintenance.

Redundancy Through Replication on IaaS

BackupSilo helps customers meet their backup and recovery objectives by leveraging Veeam Availability Suite and Veeam Cloud Connect. This solution provides maximum redundancy and flexible failover options, and is backed by our world-class Tier 3 data centres located in Canada.

There are a number of reasons why BackupSilo recommends IaaS to its customers:

  • You can centralize your existing hardware and BackupSilo’s secure cloud backup and replication services using Veeam Availability Suite and Cloud Connect Replication.
  • You can maintain elements of your IT infrastructure on-premise for the foreseeable future and complement it with IaaS from BackupSilo.
  • Leveraging an IaaS model for secure cloud backup and disaster recovery enables you to migrate more applications and data to the cloud as your business requirements change and your IT infrastructure evolves.
  • BackupSilo’s IaaS model keeps you compliant with specific industry or governmental regulations.
  • We can help you choose which data and applications are suitable for failover via IaaS, either full or partial.
  • Over the long term, BackupSilo will help you transition out of having to manage your own data centre and IT infrastructure should you wish to fully embrace IaaS.