Be There When Disaster Strikes, Because It Will

No business today can risk downtime. Lost data and applications means lost productivity and revenue. Since it’s just a question of when disaster will strike, not if, every organization needs a dedicated disaster recovery site. What they don’t need is the expense that comes with setting it up and maintaining it. You can save the day with your Disaster-as-a-Recovery (DRaaS) solution supported by BackupSilo’s Veeam-powered secure cloud backup.

Severe outages and lost data impacts more than just your revenue. Being unprepared for disaster can tarnish your company’s brand reputation which can have long-term effects on your business. When dealing with sensitive customer data, compliance and potential litigation are also real threats. That’s why it makes sense to find an experienced technology partner who can set up and maintain a cloud-based DRaaS so that when it counts most, you have reliable off-site backups of all critical applications and data.

BackupSilo Makes Disaster Recovery Easy

At BackupSilo, we combine our expertise as a Veeam partner and reseller with world-class Tier 3 data centers to provide simple and cost-effective DRaaS. We get customers fully restored and running quickly again in the event of disruptions to their primary infrastructure. BackupSilo’s DRaaS provides significant benefits for organizations of all sizes:

Fast Recovery

If a disaster occurs, every second your system is down means you are losing money. DRaaS offers a way to restore and resume
normal operations in minutes, rather than hours or even days.

Cost Effectiveness

Building and maintaining a dedicated remote disaster recovery site is expensive and complex. DRaaS eliminates the need to build
and manage your own disaster recovery capabilities, reduces capital expenses and has predictable operating costs with pay-as-you-go pricing models.


Unlike a traditional disaster recovery site’s rigidity, DRaaS allows you to activate virtual off-site resources on demand. You can also
choose from a variety of recovery points depending on the nature and severity of the disaster.

Security and Compliance

The best DRaaS solutions ensure that data is encrypted in transit and at rest. This helps IT teams stay compliant with many of today’s regulatory requirements. For those who need Canadian data residency, we have you covered there as well.


New technology advances allow you to quickly and simply implement DRaaS and manage backup and recovery far more easily than conventional methods.