Build Your Backup Business With Our Complete Toolkit

BackupSilo offers a comprehensive technology portfolio that enables you to provide customers with end-to-end, secure cloud backup that protects their mission-critical data as part of their disaster recovery strategy. Our ecosystem of cloud-based backup and data replication solutions give you a toolkit to deliver secure, customized data backup and disaster recovery for a variety of vertical markets.


Businesses don’t need to manage the cloud backup process themselves. Make it your business instead so they can focus their time and resources on more strategic IT initiatives.

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Disaster Recovery

Save the day with your Disaster-as-a-Recovery (DraaS) solution that offers full redundancy for data and applications supported by BackupSilo’s Veeam-powered secure cloud backup.

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BackupSilo’s cloud-based backup powered by LiveVault lets you tailor data protection for each and every customer based on their unique environment.

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Cloud Connect

Leverage your customers’ existing Veeam investments so they can make cloud backup part of their disaster recovery plan.

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Endpoint Data

Mission-critical data is stored on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Make each one part of your customers’ disaster recovery plan with Backup Silo’s endpoint protection powered by Datacastle.

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Give your customers need the quick scalability and elasticity on-demand of the public cloud, and the performance, control and security of their own private cloud with BackupSilo’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

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BackupSilo provides everything you need to deliver secure, cloud backup to your customers so their mission-critical data applications can be quickly restored in the event of a major disruption. Give them peace of mind and build a cloud backup business that supports their disaster recovery strategy with enterprise-class, end-to-end data protection.