CDI Engineering provides a full range of engineering and design services in three key segments for very large customers across Canada: the energy, chemicals, industrial, education, and civil infrastructures sectors; aerospace and industrial equipment; and government services.

It provides outsourced project services, including up-front planning, engineering and design. CDI also engages in commissioning and construction management for large Canadian and international companies, including major utilities and nuclear power plants. CDI Engineering has a 60-year history of aerospace innovation and has delivered engineering solutions for a broad range of aerospace platforms.

Through its CDI Marine Company and CDI-M&T Company subsidiaries, it provides ship design, naval engineering, aviation engineering, and professional services to the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and prime contractors that serve government agencies.


Given the complex nature of CDI Engineering projects and its high-profile customers, many of which are in the energy sector, the company puts a large focus on safety, as well as the security of any information related to its consulting and engineering work.

The company had already selected Supra ITS as its technology partner to provide it with managed IT services so that it can focus its resources and expertise on delivering technical services to its own customers. Given the data-centric nature of its business, CDI also needed the peace of mind that its mission-critical information related to daily operations and client projects was safeguarded and secure to the highest degree possible.


CDI Engineering is in a position where it simply can not risk any downtime. Lost productivity means lost revenue. The availability of applications and data have a direct impact on the top and bottom lines. In addition, a business disruption due to lost data not only derails the schedule of large-scale customer projects, but damages its credibility with its valued, high-profile clients.

The company has numerous projects going on at all times around the world. It also operates on tight timelines. Setting up and maintaining a cloud backup strategy and a separate disaster recovery site for its multi-endpoint, data-centric business would be a time-consuming endeavour, and one that would hijack IT resources from strategic initiatives focused on client project delivery.

CDI Engineering required a complete data backup and disaster recovery program to meet its stringent Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) targets. It looked for a solution where its business could operate without interruption or requiring its own IT team to establish, maintain and update it.

Given the sensitivity of data and its highly-visible customer base, CDI Engineering was also mindful of data residency, and it looked for an option that would keep all its data in Canada. The solution also needed to be comprehensive enough to meet a range of compliance and regulatory requirements that could affect it and its customers.


Given the strong existing relationship with Supra ITS for managed IT services, it made sense for CDI Engineering to work with BackupSilo, a subsidiary of Supra ITS. BackupSilo specializes in delivering secure cloud backup and data recovery services, all backed by its world-class Tier 3 data centres and deep expertise in data management.

BackupSilo’s cloud backup is designed so customers, such as CDI Engineering, can get back up and running quickly in the event of a disruption to its primary infrastructure without interrupting its ongoing client engagements.


CDI Engineering has off-site, ready-to-go replicas of all critical applications and data through BackupSilo as part of its secure cloud backup and disaster recovery service. If a disaster does occur, the firm can count on meeting its RPO and RTO targets by restoring to normal operations in minutes, rather than hours or even days.

By partnering with BackupSilo for online backup and recovery, CDI is saving time and money that would otherwise be needed to build and maintain its own managed backup service and remote disaster recovery site. Instead, CDI Engineering now has a predictable lower operating expense thanks to BackupSilo’s pay-as-you-go pricing model.

The engineering firm also has far more flexibility than if it had built its own traditional disaster recovery site. BackupSilo’s backup and recovery service allows CDI Engineering to activate virtual off-site resources when needed. It can select from a variety of recovery scopes depending on the nature and severity of the disaster. Should a major disruption occur, it’s a simple task for CDI to recover all the data and applications it requires without impacting customers.

Just as importantly, BackupSilo secure cloud backup meets all of CDI Engineering’s security and compliance requirements. Security includes data residency, as all data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and remains exclusively in Canada.